Chris Phillips Learn English NY

I was born and raised here in N.Y.C., on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Actually, I am a fifth-generation New Yorker.

My schooling was at New York’s famous Collegiate School (founded 1628) and also in England, at Eton College. I graduated from Yale University, where I majored in East Asian history and languages.

After Yale, I lived and worked in England, Scotland, Israel, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I have traveled very widely in the U.S.A., Europe, Asia (East, South and Southeast), and some in Latin America.

I began as an English teacher when I lived in Taiwan, many years ago. There I taught at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Training College and other E.S.L. schools and also gave private English lessons as a private English tutor.

More recently, I have been a professional editor (at The New York Times, and also in London, Hong Kong, Jerusalem and Los Angeles). I have also been a book publisher in England, and a translator.

I have studied 10 languages to various levels. I speak French and Dutch (fluently); Chinese (comfortable fluency in everyday Mandarin); Spanish, Hebrew, German and Modern Greek (basic to intermediate); Japanese and Italian (basic); and Latin (academic study).

With my knowledge of languages and my international background, I can help you feel truly at home speaking English – and truly at home in my city, New York.

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